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What we offer at Sheepway Meats

  • lambLamb

    Most of our lamb is home produced supplying the shop throughout the summer and autumn.  During the later winter and early spring months lambs are sourced as locally as possible for quality meat.
    All the lambs are free range and only fed on mother’s milk and hay

  • beefBeef

    All our beef is sourced locally and is matured to ensure the meat is tender and has a fuller flavour.
  • porkPork

    All our pork is sourced locally from a free range supplier.

  • duckChicken & Ducks

    All our birds and portions are free range and supplied by Creedy Carver in Devon.

  • sausagesSausages

    All our sausages are home-made using the pig’s belly and shoulders.  These two cuts give the best flavour and also produce a lovely lean sausage.
    Along with our two best sellers, the legendary Sheepway Sausage and Pork Chipolata, we also have many other flavours, including Pork & Leek, Sweet Chilli, Pork & Smoked Bacon, Pork & Herb, Toulouse & Chorizo.

    Gluten free sausages - we make our own gluten free pork sausages which are also made out of the shoulder and belly.

  • faggotsBurgers & Faggots

    All are made on the premises on a weekly basis keeping the shop supplied year-round.  The faggots are a particular favourite during the winter months.

  • bbqBBQ

    In the summer we have a full range of BBQ meats including our home-made sausages, burgers, kebabs and glazed meats.
    We can glaze any meat with the following flavours:- garden mint, garlic & butter, Chinese, Tandoori or BBQ.

  • gammonBacon & Gammon

    Our bacon is dry-cured and is not pumped full of water.  This means that there is much less liquid during the cooking process than occurs with cheaper bacon.

    Smoked and unsmoked back bacon is available, along with gammon joints and steaks.


  • Sheepway, Portbury
    BS20 7TB


  • 01275 397000
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Opening Hours

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Saturday 9am-4.30pm

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